Week 15-Artist Interview-Elia Murray

I had the opportunity this week to explore various different artists’ works in the art galleries. The series of works is from Drawn Out, the 2015 BFA Illustration/Animation Senior Show. Not many artists were present, but I had the privilege to get to meet Elia Murray.


As her short bio says, Murray’s parents greatly contributed towards the talent that she has today.


The above photo shows the section where Murray’s art was. Murray talked about her drawing of the trout. She got most of her inspiration from Pinterest, where she looked up different color combinations and pictures of trouts.


I really like her dog sketches and sculptures. I think that they are really cute, and well done. Her dogs look like they belong in a movie like Lady and the Tramp, and I think that is where Murray got her inspiration. Especially since Murray said that she hopes to work for the Disney Company. I applaud Murray’s skill in turning her sketches into sculptures. I think that it is so amazing how the sculptures look so much like her drawings. I wish that I had the talent to do the same.

Murray also mentioned that she is interested in having her own business of making pet portraits. People can then send her pictures of their pets, and she would paint them a one of a kind portrait.

1535033_856962741039833_2114186751651542179_n 1901401_856962791039828_4693191834711843299_n (1)

The above are close up pictures of Murray’s other sculptures.

Overall, I enjoyed Murray’s art. I hope that one day, when Murray has her business, I can have Murray draw one of my pets. 🙂


Week 15-Classmate Interview-Guillermo Vargas

I got to meet Guillermo Vargas this week. It is Guillermo’s first year at CSULB. He is currently majoring in mechanical engineering. He decided to attend CSULB because it is reputable for its engineering program and because of its affordability. Guillermo is from Compton, and his birthday is December 8th.


Guillermo attended St. John Bosco High School, where he played baseball for a year, and wrestled for three years. Guillermo enjoys all sports. His all time favorite sport is baseball, and his favorite team is the LA Dodgers. His favorite sport to watch is football, and his favorite team is the San Francisco 49ers. His favorite sport to talk about is soccer, and his favorite teams are FC Barcelona and Manchester United. Guillermo said that he has been to an LA Galaxy game, but he prefers to watch European soccer. His favorite soccer player is Thiago Silva.

Some additional facts about Guillermo is that he is Mexican-American, his favorite color is navy blue, his favorite foods are enchiladas and red mole with carne asada, and his favorite vacation spot is Mexico. His dream vacation is to travel the world. He hopes to go to Norway, China, Iceland, and any tropical island (like Fiji or the Bahamas). He wishes to go to these places because of their scenery.

It was great meeting Guillermo, and talking with him about soccer. I wish him luck with his future plans.

Week 14-Artist Interview-Yireh Elaine Kwak

This week, at the art galleries, I explored Liminal, the senior painting/drawing BFA show. The Gatov West and East galleries were filled with artwork from different students.


As I was looking around at the different art pieces, I encountered Yireh Elaine Kwak, and one of her paintings. It was my second time interviewing Kwak. I asked her questions that I haven’t asked her before. Some background information on her is that she is graduating this year with a BFA in drawing and painting. Kwak is planning on going to grad school. She needs to submit a portfolio in order to be accepted into a grad school of art. She currently does not know which school she wants to go to, but she is interested in UC Berkley. I asked her the name of the painting behind her, and she said that she named the painting Home. It is not “house” because a home does not need to be in a house. Kwak said that a home is not a building, it is symbolic towards a family. Another student asked if Home is one of her favorite paintings, to which she responded that it sort of is. I like how Kwak compared her paintings to children. She said that she can’t really pick a favorite painting because it would be like picking a favorite child. It took her about a month and a half to paint Home.

I really liked seeing Kwak again, as she is one of my favorite artists. I think that her art is so cool because it captures nature in such a unique way. Her choice of colors gives her paintings a cozy feel. I would love to keep her painting Home in my living room! 🙂


Week 14-Classmate Interview-Christian Posada

This week, while exploring the art galleries, I got to meet Christian Posada. It is currently Christian’s fourth year here at CSULB. Although it is his fourth year, he is going to graduate next year with a bachelors in psychology.

Christian is El Savadorian, and he speaks Spanish. He took one semester of Mandarin Chinese, and he only recalls a few words. Christian’s birthday is on October 25. He currently lives in West Covina. Christian’s favorite places to go to are the beach and hiking trails. He enjoys photography, and his favorite types of pictures to take are silhouettes of the beach. He has an Instagram account of his pictures under the name of “cpqcreative.”

Some favorites, of Christian, are Greek food, pizza, the color maroon, owls, art, Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch), Big Hero Six, and How to Train Your Dragon. Christian said that he took Art 110 because he likes art, and he thought that he would be able to improve his drawing skills. His favorite activities have been the procedural art activity and the graffiti assignment.

Week 13-Extra Credit

This week, I could pick another peer’s algorithmic art’s procedure to complete. I decided to do “Musical Drawing,” by Christian Posada.

These are the steps that I followed:

“1. Listen to one of your favorite songs

2. While listening, close your eyes

3. With a black marker, draw one continuous line/squiggle/circle on a blank paper, without lifting the tip of the marker for 30 seconds

4. Open your eyes and stop drawing

5. Use 4 different colors to color in the gaps between the line/squiggle/circle that you drew

6. Once you are satisfied with our art piece, stop.

7. Admire your artwork!”

I listened to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PotB76gi2_4 while doing the procedure.


I grabbed the first four markers I found, and started to color!





Overall, I liked this activity. I would swing my marker to the beat of the song, and it created some cool effects.

Week 13-Artist Interview-Shihori Nakayama

I enjoyed exploring Shihori Nakayama’s work in Recapturing the Moment. Nakayama had a series of drawings and prints. I enjoyed her drawings more than the prints. Each drawing connects to the drawing next to it. Each piece is so uniquely wonderful! It is like something out of a fairy tale, like The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland.


As soon as I looked closely to the drawings, I saw so much detail. What looks like it must have taken Nakayama years to draw, she said that it only took her four months to complete all of the pieces. For me, this seems like such a short amount of time! Nakayama told me that she has been drawing ever since she was a child. This explains why she is so talented at what she does.


I asked Nakayama if she plans to fill the empty frames with more drawings. She responded with saying that in the future she might. Her work is still a work in progress, and it is hard to say that a drawing is ever finished. I also asked Nakayama if she made the wooden frames. She did in fact make them, with the help of her father.


I really like this drawing in particular. From far away, the picture looks like it is a flower. But then up close…


…Now the drawing is of a dog.

When asked if Nakayama likes drawing or printmaking more, she said that it is a balance of both. She does not really prefer one over the other. For print making, I was curious of how she made the drawings. Nakayama stated that she drew the images, then she scanned them, and printed them onto the canvas.


For more cool art by Nakayama, you can check out her website at http://shihoriart.com/.


Week 13-Classmate Interview-Edgar Bueno

I got to meet Edgar Bueno this week. It is Edgar’s first year at CSULB. His major is currently sociology, and he hopes to go to dental school in the future. Edgar’s birthday is October 22. He went to Bellflower High School, where he played soccer. Edgar mentioned that he likes watching European soccer, and that his favorite team is Manchester United. 11193411_851644791571628_452632166229571334_n

Edgar is taking Art 110 to fulfill one of his GE requirements. So far, his favorite assignment has been the graffiti activity. His least favorite assignment has been the sculpture activity at the beach.

So far, Edgar’s favorite class, in college, has been sociology. Something that Edgar and I both have in common is that we both have a little,15 year old, brother. In addition, Edgar also has another little brother who is 12 years old.

Some last fun facts about Edgar is that he knows how to speak Spanish, and that his favorite color is blue.