Week 13-Artist Interview-Shihori Nakayama

I enjoyed exploring Shihori Nakayama’s work in Recapturing the Moment. Nakayama had a series of drawings and prints. I enjoyed her drawings more than the prints. Each drawing connects to the drawing next to it. Each piece is so uniquely wonderful! It is like something out of a fairy tale, like The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland.


As soon as I looked closely to the drawings, I saw so much detail. What looks like it must have taken Nakayama years to draw, she said that it only took her four months to complete all of the pieces. For me, this seems like such a short amount of time! Nakayama told me that she has been drawing ever since she was a child. This explains why she is so talented at what she does.


I asked Nakayama if she plans to fill the empty frames with more drawings. She responded with saying that in the future she might. Her work is still a work in progress, and it is hard to say that a drawing is ever finished. I also asked Nakayama if she made the wooden frames. She did in fact make them, with the help of her father.


I really like this drawing in particular. From far away, the picture looks like it is a flower. But then up close…


…Now the drawing is of a dog.

When asked if Nakayama likes drawing or printmaking more, she said that it is a balance of both. She does not really prefer one over the other. For print making, I was curious of how she made the drawings. Nakayama stated that she drew the images, then she scanned them, and printed them onto the canvas.


For more cool art by Nakayama, you can check out her website at http://shihoriart.com/.



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