Week 12-Classmate Interview-Amy Chang


Amy Chang is a second year communication major at CSULB. She currently does not know what she wants to do with her major. Amy was born in Korea, she grew up in Chino Hills, and she currently lives in Buena Park. She attended Los Alamitos High School. Her favorite food is sushi. Her favorite colors are gold and red. Amy has two older sisters. One is 25 years old, and the other is 23 years old. Amy is the youngest.

Amy doesn’t really have a favorite class, so far. But, her least favorite class is history. Amy’s favorite sport is basketball. She sort of likes the Lakers, and is disappointed of their current performance. Amy also enjoys dancing. She took ballet to fulfill a GE requirement, and she really enjoyed that class. When asked what her favorite season is, Amy said that she likes all seasons.

Amy speaks Korean, and a little bit of Spanish. Her favorite book is The Truth About Forever, by Sarah Dessen. Her favorite movie is The Guardian. So far, Amy’s favorite art activity has been the remix project. She made a short, adorable video of animals dancing to Shake It Off. It is really funny and cute! Amy’s least favorite activity has been making the sculpture at the beach. Amy’s birthday is August 9th. One last fact about Amy is that she loves Pinterest!


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