Week 12-Artist Interview-Katherine Cox

As I entered Katherine Cox’s exhibition, Domestic Implications, this week, I was enticed by her pieces. Each piece looks so calm and peaceful. Once I started to pay more attention to the details of the pieces, is when I noticed the true story behind them. Many of her pieces tell of stories of injustice. As I walked around some of her pieces, I told my friend what I thought the pieces’ stories are. I feel that all of her pieces, as a whole, show the blindsided perspective of life. It is how something or someone can look great and joyous from afar, and then once someone pays more attention, that someone sees all the true realities.


Domestic Implications is Cox’s BFA exhibition. Since I have previous experience with ceramics, I asked Cox what type of clay and glaze that she used; she responded with saying that she used porcelain clay and celadons glaze. There was a couple of new vocabulary that I had never heard of before, such as thrown vessel and a drop. Cox explained to me that a thrown vessel is a ceramic piece that is made on the potter’s wheel. All of her pieces were made that way. A drop is the pear-shaped vessel. The drops are hollow. Because of the fact that the drops are hollow, some of them exploded in the kiln. Furthermore, Cox said that it takes a few hours on the potter’s wheel to create the desired shaped vessels. It takes her from a few hours, to days, to carve the designs into her pieces.


The top three, are my favorite pieces from the exhibition. I like the turquoise color and leaf design on the first one. In the second picture, I like how Cox created a tea set. It is very pretty and I like how Cox used the same leaf design on the teapot. In the last picture, I like how Cox designed the dress with what looks like a couple having a picnic. Overall, her pieces are very deep in emotions. Almost every piece has its own story.


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