Week 15-Artist Interview-Elia Murray

I had the opportunity this week to explore various different artists’ works in the art galleries. The series of works is from Drawn Out, the 2015 BFA Illustration/Animation Senior Show. Not many artists were present, but I had the privilege to get to meet Elia Murray.


As her short bio says, Murray’s parents greatly contributed towards the talent that she has today.


The above photo shows the section where Murray’s art was. Murray talked about her drawing of the trout. She got most of her inspiration from Pinterest, where she looked up different color combinations and pictures of trouts.


I really like her dog sketches and sculptures. I think that they are really cute, and well done. Her dogs look like they belong in a movie like Lady and the Tramp, and I think that is where Murray got her inspiration. Especially since Murray said that she hopes to work for the Disney Company. I applaud Murray’s skill in turning her sketches into sculptures. I think that it is so amazing how the sculptures look so much like her drawings. I wish that I had the talent to do the same.

Murray also mentioned that she is interested in having her own business of making pet portraits. People can then send her pictures of their pets, and she would paint them a one of a kind portrait.

1535033_856962741039833_2114186751651542179_n 1901401_856962791039828_4693191834711843299_n (1)

The above are close up pictures of Murray’s other sculptures.

Overall, I enjoyed Murray’s art. I hope that one day, when Murray has her business, I can have Murray draw one of my pets. 🙂


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