Week 12-Activity-Algorithmic Art

For this week’s activity, I had to complete a form of procedural art. I decided to make an origami balloon out of paper.

Steps on how to make an origami balloon:

1. Obtain a perfectly square paper and fold the corners in, as so.


2. Fold in the other corner.


3. Fold each corner in, towards the inner crease. Also, fold the paper “hotdog” style.


4. Fold the corners inwards, to create a big triangle.


5. Fold the corners inwards towards the middle. Do this on both sides of the triangle.


6. After you have made a square, fold the outer tops of the triangles inwards.


7. Fold the little loose corners.


8. Fold them inside the little pockets, on each side.


9. Open up the balloon carefully.


10. Blow slowly into the opening.


11. Enjoy your little balloon!

11008532_848232398579534_779550001539194503_o 11139436_848232405246200_829466136267101832_n10497181_848232401912867_5964128378338697754_o

These origami balloons are fun and easy to make. They are a simple way to add decoration to your room.

I hope that these directions are easy to follow. Have fun crafting! 🙂


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