Week 14-Classmate Interview-Christian Posada

This week, while exploring the art galleries, I got to meet Christian Posada. It is currently Christian’s fourth year here at CSULB. Although it is his fourth year, he is going to graduate next year with a bachelors in psychology.

Christian is El Savadorian, and he speaks Spanish. He took one semester of Mandarin Chinese, and he only recalls a few words. Christian’s birthday is on October 25. He currently lives in West Covina. Christian’s favorite places to go to are the beach and hiking trails. He enjoys photography, and his favorite types of pictures to take are silhouettes of the beach. He has an Instagram account of his pictures under the name of “cpqcreative.”

Some favorites, of Christian, are Greek food, pizza, the color maroon, owls, art, Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch), Big Hero Six, and How to Train Your Dragon. Christian said that he took Art 110 because he likes art, and he thought that he would be able to improve his drawing skills. His favorite activities have been the procedural art activity and the graffiti assignment.


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