Week 15-Classmate Interview-Guillermo Vargas

I got to meet Guillermo Vargas this week. It is Guillermo’s first year at CSULB. He is currently majoring in mechanical engineering. He decided to attend CSULB because it is reputable for its engineering program and because of its affordability. Guillermo is from Compton, and his birthday is December 8th.


Guillermo attended St. John Bosco High School, where he played baseball for a year, and wrestled for three years. Guillermo enjoys all sports. His all time favorite sport is baseball, and his favorite team is the LA Dodgers. His favorite sport to watch is football, and his favorite team is the San Francisco 49ers. His favorite sport to talk about is soccer, and his favorite teams are FC Barcelona and Manchester United. Guillermo said that he has been to an LA Galaxy game, but he prefers to watch European soccer. His favorite soccer player is Thiago Silva.

Some additional facts about Guillermo is that he is Mexican-American, his favorite color is navy blue, his favorite foods are enchiladas and red mole with carne asada, and his favorite vacation spot is Mexico. His dream vacation is to travel the world. He hopes to go to Norway, China, Iceland, and any tropical island (like Fiji or the Bahamas). He wishes to go to these places because of their scenery.

It was great meeting Guillermo, and talking with him about soccer. I wish him luck with his future plans.


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