Week 13-Extra Credit

This week, I could pick another peer’s algorithmic art’s procedure to complete. I decided to do “Musical Drawing,” by Christian Posada.

These are the steps that I followed:

“1. Listen to one of your favorite songs

2. While listening, close your eyes

3. With a black marker, draw one continuous line/squiggle/circle on a blank paper, without lifting the tip of the marker for 30 seconds

4. Open your eyes and stop drawing

5. Use 4 different colors to color in the gaps between the line/squiggle/circle that you drew

6. Once you are satisfied with our art piece, stop.

7. Admire your artwork!”

I listened to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PotB76gi2_4 while doing the procedure.


I grabbed the first four markers I found, and started to color!





Overall, I liked this activity. I would swing my marker to the beat of the song, and it created some cool effects.


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