Week11-Classmate Interview-Kimberly Carrasco

I interviewed Kimberly Carrasco this week. Kimberly is from Lynwood, California. Kimberly is currently in her second year at CSULB, as a sociology major. She currently does not know what she wants to become with that major. She is considering to become a child counselor. So far, her favorite class has been sociology. Her least favorite class has been astronomy.


As we were talking, I found out that Kimberly is a fan of all LA sports! That means that she also goes for LA Galaxy, when game day comes. Although she enjoys various sports, her favorite is baseball. Kimberly also enjoys the beach, winter, and her favorite color is red. When asked what her favorite food is, she said hot wings.

Something that we both have in common is that we both speak Spanish. Another thing is that our favorite art activity, thus far, has been the student choice activity. We both decided to take pictures. Kimberly said that she took pictures of flowers.

A few more fun facts about Kimberly is that she has a brother and a sister. Her favorite books are A Child Called It and The Great Gatsby. Her favorite movie is The Book of Life.


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