Week 11-Activity-Plaster Casting

For this week’s activity, I had to make a mold of my hand or foot, and pour plaster into it. I decided to make a sculpture of both of my hands and one of my feet. I wanted to make three molds, just in case one of them collapsed, or did not turn out great. I went to Seal Beach to complete the activity. I followed the directions from the video posted on “beacharts.ca.”

IMG_3886 IMG_3889

After completing the molds, my little brother, Joseph, helped me by mixing the plaster and pouring it into the molds.


As we were waiting for the plaster to set, Joseph and I had to battle the oncoming tides! We kept digging trenches around the molds, so that they wouldn’t get wet. IMG_3898

Finally, after waiting 30 minutes, I was able to dig out my sculptures! I think that it is cool of how my hand sculptures turned out! I really like the outcome. On the contrary, I do not like how my foot sculpture turned out. The plaster did not run all the way down to my toes, so the foot sculpture is less than half of the actual size that it is supposed to be.
IMG_3905IMG_3909 IMG_3906

Overall, I really enjoyed this week’s activity. Even though I got plaster and sand all over me, I really enjoyed the outcome. I hope to make more sculptures this summer. Maybe I’ll try making molds of different things like beach toys. 🙂


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