Week 10-Classmate Interview-Roxana Gutierrez

I met and interviewed Roxana Gutierrez this week. It is Roxana’s first year here at CSULB. She is majoring in psychology and she is thinking of becoming a counselor. On her free time, Roxana likes to watch movies, and hang out with her friends. She has a lot of favorite movies, and enjoys scary movies the most! Her favorite TV shows are American Horror Story and That 70’s Show.


Roxana is Mexican American, and the farthest place that she has ever travelled is Mexico. Roxana has a twin brother and a little sister. She is from Long Beach and she went to Lakewood High School. So far, her easiest class is salsa; Her hardest class has been math.

As we were talking, I asked Roxana if she had any plans for spring break. She responded that she hasn’t made any plans because she still has to work. Hopefully, Roxana can go to her favorite place, Six Flags. She loves roller coasters!

A few more fun facts about Roxana is that her favorite color is turquoise and her favorite food is meat and cheese lasagna!

I had a great time meeting Roxana, and I hope her the best for her future studies! 🙂


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