Week 10-Artist Interview-Dawn Ertl


I had a fun opportunity this week to explore Ms Dawn Ertl’s MFA exhibition, Radius of Action. As I walked in, I felt as though I was walking into a colorful rainforest. Her pieces look like vines hanging from the ceiling. 11082261_837052103030897_2007499831025919833_o

I found Dawn Ertl’s work to be very interesting. She explained to me that her pieces are like a movie. I like how she compared the process to the film industry. She said that at first, she needs to write out the “script” and how the pieces will look like. Then, she needs to dye her patterns, which took her a year to complete. After practicing, she works out the pieces into the way that she wants them to look. The production of the pieces, in the gallery, are the way they are because Ms Ertl wanted to make the most of the space as possible. She said that she drew out different designs until she found a way to make the most of the space.

10549947_837052099697564_4363437996126749168_o 11084034_837052106364230_8227387062209488961_o

Above are some of the sketches that Ms Ertl made.


As I was walking around the gallery, I heard music. I thought that the music was coming from someone’s phone, and I was surprised to find out that it was coming from one of the pieces. The photo above shows where the speaker was on Ms Ertl’s art piece. I asked her how she got the speaker on the piece, and she said that a friend showed her how to dismantle the speaker from its original casing. Then, she weaved the speaker into her piece carefully.

A fun fact about her pieces is that the plastic bags were given to her by her friends.


Ms Ertl informed me that this art exhibition is her last one here, at CSULB. She also said that it took about six months for the completion of her exhibition. Ms Ertl has been weaving for the past four years.

Although I took various pictures, there is not one photo that can capture the entire emotion of her work. One must experience her work in person to truly appreciate and enjoy it.


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