Week 9-Classmate Interview-Jasmin Brito

Although Jasmin had already been interviewed this week, she was kind enough to let me interview her. It is Jasmin’s second year here at CSULB! She has changed her major, and is currently majoring in human development. Jasmin was born on October 8, and she is 19 years old. She commutes from Anaheim, and she lives at home with her parents. Jasmin is the only child, but she does have a wiener dog named Sophie.


Something that is really cool about Sophie is that during her childhood, and in high school, she played soccer. Although she loves playing soccer, she doesn’t really like to watch it. One time, she had to go watch an LA Galaxy game, with her team. She said that she doesn’t really have a favorite team, she just enjoys playing the sport. A sport that she does love to watch is football. She doesn’t have a favorite football team, but she still enjoys watching a great game.

Jasmin works as a barista at Starbucks. She doesn’t really like her job, but she has been working at Starbucks since she was seventeen. She said that it took her about six months to memorize all of the recipes! I asked Jasmin what her favorite food is, and I was surprised to learn that it is cereal and salad. (That is very healthy). She said that she doesn’t like hamburgers, donuts, chocolate, and ice cream. I don’t like donuts either, and we both agree that donuts are too sweet! Jasmin’s favorite food place is Buffalo Wild Wings. She said that she goes there often with her fiancé. Jasmin is going to get married in August. She said that the most difficult thing for her is saving money, for the wedding. It is hard for her to save money because she likes to go shopping.

I had a nice time chatting with Jasmin. I’m glad that I got to meet her. I wish her the best for her studies, and may her marriage be filled with happiness! 🙂


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