Week 9-Artist Interview-Michael Rollins

I had the opportunity to enjoy Michael Rollins’ series of paintings called “New Digs,” this week.


I enjoyed looking at the different paintings with their vibrant colors. In certain paintings, it seems as though there are hidden words. (I bet that Rollins added that on purpose). The paintings make me feel as though I am looking at pictures of intestines. Although that is probably not what most people perceive, I see it that way because I am currently taking a physiology class.


Rollins said that he sees each painting as a starting point for the next. In other words, one painting inspired the next. He said that the process is organic, and that he just kept painting. He also commented that some paintings are more serious than others. At first, Rollins got inspired to paint by seeing others paint. He saw what others painted, and he felt that he could do the same. Once Rollins realized that he could paint, he knew that there would be a lot of risks involved. There was lots of work for him to do, to become an artist; but he likes painting, so he went along with the proper steps to become an artist. He is currently working towards his masters in fine arts, in grad school. Rollins also stated that he doesn’t feel like he has had a life for the past two years. Although it is a lot of work, Rollins feels that grad school is the right choice for himself. He is not employed, so he spends his time painting.


The above painting is my favorite because it looks like a sea of sea plants. I’ld expect to see some fish living among this painting. 😉

On that last note, Rollins explained that he paints the way he does because he feels that this is the way that current paintings should look like, throughout the world.


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