Week 9-Activity-Architecture & Urban Planning

Cognitive Map:

For this week’s activity, I had to draw a map of CSULB from memory. I am a very visual person, so I feel that I am better at describing how to get to a certain location on campus, than drawing it. I like to use landmarks to get around campus. The first picture below is my attempt at drawing all of the buildings on campus. The other picture is for reference of how the campus really looks like.


Adopt a Building: 

In addition to drawing a cognitive map, I had to “adopt” a building and do research on it. I choose to research the student recreation and wellness center, (otherwise known as the gym or rec center). I choose the rec center because I like going there, to use the different types of workout equipment. The 126,500 square feet building is free for all CSULB students to use. The building consists of different work-out equipment, various outdoor pools, various indoor basketball courts, and an indoor track. There are also various classes, such as dancing, that students can take inside of the rec center.


(I do not own this photo).

A little bit of history on the building: On February 27-28, 2007, the agreement to build the rec center was enacted. On September 20, 2010, the grand opening of the rec center was held. Since its opening, the center has been awarded many rewards and recognitions. A fun fact about the building is that over one million people have already visited the building!

(I do not own this photo).

(I do not own this photo).

Redesign the CSULB Campus: 

This week, I also needed to redesign a building, or area, on campus. I choose to redesign the location of the kinesiology building. I feel that the location of the kinesiology building is odd. If someone wants to walk to the rec center, that person needs to pass the engineering buildings, before getting there. Because of the fact that kinesiology is the study of fitness, the building should be right next to the gym. This way, people who are not familiar with the location of the buildings, will not have a difficult time finding the kinesiology building. I have a kinesiology class, and we do not use the rec center. I feel that if the kinesiology building was closer to the rec center, then we could use the equipment there.



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