Week 8-Classmate Interview-Katie Leyba

I got to meet Katie Leyba this week. Katie is majoring in electrical engineering. Katie and I are both in our second year here at the Beach! Katie hopes to become a biomedical engineer. She wants to work on X-ray machines, and other machines that help with diagnostics. She is part of the Society of Women Engineers. Katie graduated from St. Paul High School in Santa Fe Springs. She currently lives in Downey.

As we were talking, I found out that Katie is also taking Biology 207, physiology, this semester. We both have the same professor, but at different times. Katie was kind to give me some tips on what to study for our upcoming exam.

Through our conversation, I found out that Katie is a magical fan of Disney, just like me! We both talked about our love for Disneyland and how we both wish that the passes were cheaper! We both also wish to go to Disneyland on May 22/23 for the 24-hour celebration! I had a great time talking about Disney stuff with Katie. She said that her favorite ride is Space Mountain and that she equally likes both Disneyland and California Adventures. After our conversation, I was ready to just take off and go to Disneyland! 😀



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