Week 8-Artist Interview-Kezia Fullerton

I had a great time looking at Kezia Fullerton’s pieces in her gallery. The name of her gallery is “Identity.” She said that each piece is inspired by a friend or family member. Kezia said that she tried to capture their identities in her pieces.


Kezia Fullerton is a 3D fiber arts major. She gets to work in ceramics, metal, and fiber. She prefers to work in fiber, such as textiles and weaving.


Kezia said that it took her about one to one and a half years to finish all if her pieces. She used a warping board to start her pieces. She would then finish her pieces with a loom.


Kezia said that when she was little she liked to crochet, but she did not know that she wanted to be a 3D fiber arts major until she came to CSULB. She took a 3D arts class and then she felt comfortable, so she just jumped into the major.



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