Week 8-Activity-Remix Culture

For this week’s activity, we were required to remix something. I decided to recreate old childhood photos for my remix activity.


In the above photos, I am holding my little brother. It was hard to convince my brother to recreate the photo of when he was a baby. But, after lots of begging and blackmailing, I got my way. ūüėÄ We improvised the hospital bed for our¬†couch, and the white sheets for my bed skirt (in the background) and my brother’s light tan sheet (as his¬†blanket).


In the above photo, my brother and I tried to wear similar clothes as in the original photo. We also tried our best to be in the same pose as the original photo.

Internet Culture: I feel that the internet culture, as many other things, has its goods and its bads. The freedom of the internet lets people learn new things and explore different subjects. People can learn how to speak another language, look on YouTube how to fix something, or find the nearest place for a nice get together. The fear of the internet is the bad things that can occur and spread so quickly. With the immersion of the internet into everyday life, it is easy for someone to become addicted to what the internet has to offer, such as online gaming. It is also very fast for a bullying video or a fight video to spread throughout the whole world. I feel that this causes the people whom post such videos to gain unnecessary publicity. The empowerment of the internet is that it helps out with everyday questions. Someone could just do a quick search of a question that they may have, and POP! There are tons of answers to the question. The risk of the internet culture is how dependent most people have become to the internet. It is much easier to take the easy road and Google something, than it is to actually work out something, such as a math problem.

Copyright: I believe that the current copyright should be strengthened. This is because I believe that it is too easy to copy and paste a picture, and then call it your own. I believe that there should be a block that does not allow others to copy your photo, if you do not want it copied. In other words, you can post your photo to the internet without worrying about someone stealing it and claiming it as their own.

License:¬†For my website, I’ve chosen to use the “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.” The terms on this link can be found under the “About Me” content. I chose this license because I think that it fits my website best. It allows my content to be copied, only if the proper credit is included within the documentation.

Experience With Remix Piece: To create my remix pieces this week, I went through my closet to find similar clothes to that of the original photos, I got my dad to photograph my brother and I, and I styled my hair to that of the original photos. I feel that the recreated photos turned out pretty good. I believe that it would have been better if the clothes, backgrounds, and props were exactly the same as in the original photos, but I worked with what I had. The challenge that I faced for the remix activity was for me trying to hold myself from laughing, while holding the pose for the recreated photos! I kept laughing because it is funny of how much my little brother grew! It is hard to believe that he was born premature, and is now 6 feet. Overall, I had fun with my remix activity, and I hope to recreate some other photos soon!


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