Week 7-Classmate Interview-Eduardo Catalan Olivares

I got to meet and interview Eduardo Catalan Olivares this week. Eduardo’s major is mathematics and he hopes to become a teacher one day. He prefers to teach at the high school or college level, where students are more mature and serious about their education. Eduardo was born in Guerrero, Mexico and moved to Long Beach at the age of five. He speaks fluent Spanish and he knows few words in Arabic and German. He has been to Washington state, and he wishes to travel more. He wants to go to Mexico to visit relatives, and he wants to travel to other countries to experience different cultures.


Something cool that I found out about Eduardo is that he is 6 days older than me. He was born on September 10, 1995. It is also Eduardo’s second year here at CSULB. CSULB was Eduardo’s first school of choice and he does not want to transfer. He likes it here at the Beach. Eduardo said that he likes the salsa club at school, and he is planning on joining the club again.

Some things that we both have in common is that we both like nature, planting, reading, and doing crazy things! Eduardo said that the craziest thing that he has ever done was going swimming while it was raining. He said that he was only wearing swim shorts. It was so cold that his fingers turned blue!

Eduardo said that he likes reading for fun and that his favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo. He also likes to be outdoors and run for fun! His favorite sport to watch is wrestling. His favorite form of art are paintings on canvases. He likes the feelings that the different colors display. His favorite food is pizza, and he does not have a least favorite food.

Another thing that we both have in common is that we both have a brother. In addition, Eduardo also has two sisters. He said that he is the second youngest, in the family.

Hopefully one day Eduardo gets the chance to travel around the world, to experience new cultures! I’m sure he’ll go to Italy to have his favorite food, pizza!


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