Week 7-Artist Interview-Frances Salazar

I enjoyed looking at “Spark” this week at the Max L. Gatov East Gallery.

It was the work of Frances Salazar that really caught my attention.


Frances Salazar’s major is BFA in metals. She has been working about three years with metal. It took her about two and a half to three years to finish the pieces presented.


The above is “Sky Guardian.” This piece is a ring with a bird that moves to watch over the nest. I really like this piece because it is a really great piece of wearable art. I asked Frances if she could wear the ring for me to see, but unfortunately the pieces were waxed down, therefore she could not remove it.


The above picture is of a ring set that she made. The ring’s name is “Metamorphosis.” This is because one of the rings is of a caterpillar on a leaf. The other ring is a butterfly accompanied by a flower.

11037893_826399467429494_3160114615677021842_nThe above is really amazing because it is a tea infuser! Frances made every last detail by hand, even the plate that holds the tea infuser. The name of this piece is “Silver Needle.” I hope to buy a tea infuser from Frances some day.


Other pieces on display


Frances Salazar hopes to start her own jewelry business someday. By the look of her work, I believe that her business will have much success. I hope the best for Frances and her future in designing these great pieces of art.


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