Week 6-Artist Interview-Christine Fuqua

I had the delight this week of looking at some of the wooden art pieces, created by art students at CSULB!

I interviewed one of the artists whose pieces was in the Marilyn Werby Gallery this week. I interviewed Christine Fuqua who made a wooden spoon and a bench.

Christine’s pieces are, respectively, “Spoon 2015 (Maple)” and “Comber 2015 (Wood) (30″X40″X30″).”

Christine said that she has made a lot of wooden spoons and given them out to her friends. She explains that the woods art group at CSULB takes old trees, around campus, and they use the ashes to create new things. Christine has been carving wood for three years. She said that, at first, she was a photography major and then some of the classes got her interested in wood art. From then on, she has been a Studio Art Major with a wood emphasis. Christine also explained that her pieces are made from about 20% carving, and then 80% is sanding the pieces down.

The following pictures are of other pieces that were in the gallery:

As one can tell from all of the pictures, I really enjoyed looking at all of the wooden pieces!


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