Week 5-Artist Interview-Dianna Franco

This week I had the chance to enjoy Dianna Franco’s art series “Flux.” Dianna is an art student at CSULB whose major is bachelor of fine arts in painting.


Her paintings are inspired by “the relationships between nature and civilizations found from the micro to macro level in psychology and science” (Franco).


I asked Dianna that if when she was a child, if she knew that she wanted to be an artist. She replied with saying that she didn’t know that she wanted to paint. Also, she had only started to paint when she was twenty years old.


When asked how long it took to paint all of the paintings, Dianna said that it took her a total of seven months to complete.


I asked Dianna what she wanted people to see or feel when they look at her art. She replied with saying that that was an excellent question. 🙂 She said that she wants people to feel happy. She used bright neon colors to make people feel good when they look at her art.


In turn, I liked looking at Dianna’s paintings. If one looks closely, it seems as though the pastel colored parts are book cases; and the bright neon colors are paint that spilled on the bookcases!


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