Week 5-Activity-Kickstarter

For this week, I watched various videos on Kickstarter and then I choose four to analyze.

The first category that I choose to explore was the crafts section.

The following video is of a project that I like:


What immediately caught my attention with this project is that it is of cute stuffed animals, that are wounded. I like the presentation of the video because the video explains that these stuffed animals are to raise awareness against the injustice against certain animals.  It is sad that such animals are elephants, rhinos, seals, and whales. I like the idea of raising awareness through stuffed animals because I suspect that the public will automatically question why there are bruises and casts on stuffed animals. I believe that the more the subject is touched upon, the closer we will get to an end of animal cruelty.

The following video is of a project that I do not like:


This project, at first, was interesting to me because it is about dinosaurs! I think that dinosaurs are cool, so I clicked on this project to find out more about it. Once the video started, I immediately became bored with the concept of its presentation. The way the narrator presents the product made me think of it more as a joke, than something that I would actually want to invest in. Even so, I watched the whole video until the end, and the odd noise at the end made me laugh. It sounds as if someone is trying to tune a tuba, which has nothing to do with dinosaurs. I believe that if this video was presented in a more enticing way, then I would actually like the project.

The second category that I choose to explore was photography.

The following video is of a project that I like:


The title of “My favourite colour was yellow,” with a photo that has a concentration of pink, grabbed my attention quickly. I enjoyed watching the video and reading about this project because I agree with the photographer with the sense that girls are color coded to like pink. The photographer stated that even since before a baby is born, if society knows that the baby is going to be a girl, they begin to buy pink presents. This project is a series of photos that show everyday girls consumed by the color pink. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate that some girls are even peer pressured into saying that their favorite color is pink, when indeed their favorite color might be yellow.

The following video is of a project that I do not like:


I thought it was interesting to see the backs of legs, with tattoos, as a main focus on a project. After clicking on the project and watching the video, I am surprised that such a project exists. I really do not see the purpose of photographing the backs of ladies’ tattooed legs and having the photos published into a book. If I want to see tattoos on the back of a lady’s leg, I could just google the image. I do not understand why someone would want to buy a book of photos that are very easily found on the internet. I also do not see why anyone would want to buy the book for $40! That seems overpriced for a book of commonly found photos.

Overall, I enjoyed learning about various different projects on Kickstarter. I hope that someday I will be able to back up some of the incredible projects presented.


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