Week 4-Classmate Interview-Xiaofang Fei

I got to meet Xiaofang this week! Xiaofang is an exchange student from the south of China. This is her first year in the U.S. She is majoring in film studies. She lives off campus in an apartment. She already had two years of college in China, and this is her first year of college in the U.S.

It is cool that Xiaofang can speak both Mandarin and English! She says that in China, she liked to sing Chinese karaoke with her friends.

Xiaofang said that she likes going to the beach because it reminds her of back-home. In China, she could see the ocean, so she likes being near the ocean. Something that we both have in common is that we both like the beach, and we both like to go swimming.

Xiaofang has one older sister, who has a baby boy, and she has a younger brother, who is in high school in China.

Xiaofang’s favorite colors are white, pink, and sky blue. What we both have in common is that we like pink! She also said that she watched Unbroken, and that it is a really good movie. We both like dogs, and Xiaofang has a German Shepard, back in China. She said that the dog is her dad’s watchdog who takes care of his lake. Altogether, Xiaofang likes all animals, but parrots are one of her favorites!



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