Week 4-Artist Interview-Andrea Albarran

I explored Andrea Albarran’s “Exposed” gallery, this week!


The paintings automatically caught my attention because of their bright colors! I also liked that some of them had bubbles!


Andrea said that the paintings are inspired by her loved ones. The gallery is called “Exposed” because it is how she feels about people and she wants her emotions and moods to be seen through the use of different colors. Andrea said that the paintings are oil painted and that they are her favorite medium. It took an average of three to five days, or sometimes even months, for her to finish one of her paintings.

Andrea, originally, did not know what she wanted her major to be. She came to CSULB and started to paint five years ago. She was introduced to oil painting at CSULB and she discovered her passion. When asked what she wants people to feel when they look at her paintings, she said that she wants people to see emotions, moods, and she wants their imaginations to tell their own stories from her paintings.


The above painting is a beautifully colored self painting! Andrea said that this painting is meant to focus more on color, than on her face.


The above painting is Andrea’s cute little niece. From this painting, I think that her niece brings lots of happiness into Andrea’s life. I also think that she loves bubbles!


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