Week 4-Activity-The Mina Show

This week’s activity was to pretend that we each have our own show. I needed to do a form of performing art for my own show. This activity was meant to explore outside of my comfort zone. For The Tatiana Show, I decided to do something in honor of the Brazilian Carnival! I got together with one of my friends, and we both dressed up with a carnival mask and a feather boa!


It was hard for us to keep a serious face! We dressed up near the art galleries at CSULB. There were a couple of people who walked by and laughed with us! I had never dressed up at school, not even for Halloween, so this was definitely out of my comfort zone! For the picture above, I had to put a timer on my camera, run to sit down, and then try to keep a serious face at the same time!

10978628_814094475326660_7855462566699575466_n 10649785_814094468659994_851950730626564119_n

As one can tell from the photos above, at first, I was a bit uncomfortable taking selfies with my mask! But then, I was okay because I was only doing it for my “show!” 😀


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