Week 2-Artist Interview-Maccabee Shelley

I had the opportunity this week to explore the art galleries at CSULB!

One of the galleries that really caught my attention was the Max L. Gatov Gallery. Inside, is Maccabee Shelley’s art display called “No Redemption Value.” The sculptures are made with glass that can not be redeemed in recycling centers.


The photo of the sculpture above is one of my favorite sculptures because of its exotic look and texture. If one looks closely, one can see a price tag on a glass bottle. I feel that this gives more character to the piece of art because at one point, the bottle was worth a certain price, and now it has sentimental value.

After looking at the sculptures, I had the privilege to interview Maccabee Shelley. I asked him what inspired his pieces. He responded with saying that each piece inspires the next piece. He uses his imagination as a guide to explore new work with the glass that he uses. He tries not to think about the sculptures too much while he is creating them. If he thinks that something should be cut, he’ll cut it and place it in the kiln again.


Another student asked what does he do with the glass. Maccabee responded with saying that he experiments with crushed glass pieces. He tries to create different pieces of glass with different molds. Sometimes, the glass pieces break off, and he adds them to something else.


Since I have worked with a kiln before, I asked Maccabee if any of his pieces have ever exploded in the kiln. He said that none of his pieces have exploded intentionally. His pieces only have an explosion if he wanted an explosion within his piece.


The sculpture above reminds me of two rockets. Especially in the second photo, where I took the picture at an angle to have the ceiling lights as a cool background effect.

Exploring the Max L. Gatov Gallery was a great experience and I am already looking forward to see different art galleries in the future!


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