Week 2-Activity-Painting

This week’s activity was to spray paint my name! I had never worked with spray paint before, so I was excited for the challenge! I like going to the city of Los Angeles, and I am mesmerized by all of the street art that the city holds. After looking around for inspiration, I sketched my name on a piece of paper.


I have an arrow on the first “T” to represent one of my favorite quotes; “Keep moving forward!” I have hearts in my “A’s” because I think that it looks cute. Then, I have a flower as my “I” because I love nature. Finally, I have a music note as my “N” because I love listening to music.

After a bit of sketching on an old piece of wood, I spray painted my name.


I thought that spray painting my name would be a piece of cake, but I was wrong. After my first few tries, I found out that it takes skill to spray a spray can correctly. I am proud of my first attempt of spray painting. I feel that it could be better, but at least it is not horrible.

From this experience, I have gained a greater appreciation towards graffiti artists. It takes a lot of time, practice, and dedication to create great pieces of art for all to see.


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